About Us


Explore every corner of our paradise like land where blue and green meet with privilege of Kopuz Group with all etnic groups like Turks, Kurds, Lazes, Circassians, fascinating humans with history Kopuz Group who started its journey by forming Kopuz Fleet Services and Kopuz Tourism companies in 1996 added Kopuz IT, Kopuz Vending in 2012 continue its services.

Kopuz Group offering solutions with effective strategies for you by joining its local knowledge and global experience with right and applicable solutions.

Brands and institutions who prefer to take our service; their targets are our targets, experiences are ours, our experiences become their experiences.

Just like leading of whole instruments by a maestro, we aim our services to be used by its credit.

During crisis management, in service projects, we are an expected and missed business partner by collegiating its experience with strategies and targets of new trend media cooperation service sector.