Kopuz Tourism



The local servic company, Kopuz Tourism established in 1996 by assuming the principles of quality service, customer satisfaction and honest working offering short and long term vehicle rental service. Apart from that, we are next to our customers with guaranteed and 7x24 uninterrupted service of ticket sales of all airlines, hotel reservations, local and international travel organizations.

Personnel Transportation

Itenerary and time management

Kopuz Tourism who is a leader in Personnel Transportation knows the value of time; For his reason, we transport company personnel to their work and home on time. Kopuz Tourism who studies optional itenerary and routes in İstanbul with expert staff for solution where trafic becomes more and more complicated in İstanbul is aiming your personnel to waste less time on the road.

Safety standards

Kopuz Tourism vehicle personnel requires to obtain SRC and advanced driving techniques certificates together with sychocotechnic certificate. Apart from these, our drivers are given anger management and hygiene trainings. These standards are aimed for comfor and safety of our valuable customers.

Maintenance of our vehicles periodically through authorized service centers provides problem free trips to your personnel.

Student Transportation

We give the best service to the warranty of our future , juniors of today and seniors of tomorrow.

The concious of traffic learned at earlier ages is very important for Kopuz Tourism which resulted from studies of pedagogues in importance of student transport services.

We act with the concious of giving student transport service without annuling of comfort, safety and internal peace of our children before and after school.

We are determined to continue this mission for long years which we decided in the year 2003.

Travel Agency

We are organizing unforgettable private tours for you. With your friends, groups, schools, clubs, office mates, you can hava remote holidays away from town life stresses.

With its dynamic staff, Kopuz Tourism carried its ranking to top lines with combining organization progress with creation by not compromising quality.

It is a matter of experience and knowledge to organize and programming organizations like distributers’ meetings, seminers, conventions etc. from A to Z.

Kopuz Tourism who is an A class member of TURSAB offers required services to companies from one source by saving time and labor without dealing with phone or fax communication.