Social Responsibility


Kopuz Foundation’s goal is serving to the public interest by organizing efficient social solidarity and cooperation activities that is prior to our community and government and being a bridge to unite the country’s material and spiritual resources with the people in need.

The Purpose of Kopuz Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to perform all kinds of social, cultural and economic activities in order to contribute country’s social, cultural and economic development; to contribute to environmental protection; to help disaster victims and people in need; to assist selected, talented and successful students to complete their education and ensure them to participate in development and progress of the country.

The Objectives of Kopuz Foundation

  • Health Facilities: Hospitals and Health Centers
  • Educational Institutions: Kindergartens, Elementary and High Schools, Universities and Foreign Language Courses
  • Sports Facilities: Sports Halls
  • Social Facilities: Mosques, Teacherages and Senion Centers
  • Cultural Facilities: Cultural, Art, Convention and Exhibition Centers
  • Dormitories: Dormitories for male and female students and Quran Courses